relationships | Rohini Ross - Part 22

Three Keys That Transformed My Marriage

I was surprised by how popular my post "Marriage: The First Ten Years Were The Hardest" was. It really struck a nerve.   For Valentine's Day, I thought I would share the three keys that allowed me to fall in love with my husband all over again, and help me to keep falling in love with him more each day. I love you Angus!   Understanding my husband's upset is never personal. Part of what contributed to the suffering in our relationship was how reactive I was to Angus' anger. I had no tolerance for this behavior. I judged him for his anger. I saw...

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He Said, She Said: Angus’ Incredible Mind Reading Abilities

Rohini is shocked to find out that Angus feels triggered by her thoughts even when she doesn't say them out loud. This feels unfair to her, but she is reassured when Angus acknowledges that his feelings are a reflection of him giving meaning to his thoughts and nothing to do with her....

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All You Need is Understanding — Love and Wellbeing Will Follow

Feeling very grateful to have co-facilitated a 3P Practitioner training with Linda Pransky, Carrie Sisson, and Angus Ross. We even had a special guest appearance from George Pransky. It was such a gift to meet human to human and explore the understanding of our human and spiritual nature. Teaching always forces me to open up to seeing more about the principles by stepping into the not knowing and sharing from that place. I see even more clearly now that there is nothing we need to do in order to experience the perfection and oneness of our humanity. We are all simply...

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