Climate Change | Rohini Ross

Let’s Work Together For This Blue Planet

Today I am irritable. I am frustrated. I am grumpy. I am angry. I am pissed off!   This used to be a problem because I was not allowed to be angry. I had conditioned myself to be nice. Anger had to be cut off or at least cordoned off so I could feel like a good person. There was no room for anger if this brown girl wanted to be good.   "Don’t mess with your place. Don’t upset the apple cart. Stay in line. Toe the line. Stay small."   "It doesn’t matter that it hurts. It doesn't matter that it is tight....

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Wishing you a 2017 (or whatever number you label it) filled with love and blessings!

One of the items I had the most resistance to leaving behind while on holiday in Sri Lanka was my computer. Now as I write this, by hand, I am having resistance to getting back on it. It is a refreshing reminder of how habits can change, and how malleable we are as humans. I went from feeling like my world would end with out having access to my computer, to relishing the last moments of my vacation before opening it up again.   I can also feel the clunkiness of getting back into my writing groove. Although jet lag may be playing...

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