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Inner Peace and Psychology Don’t Mix

I am trained and licensed as a Marriage and Family therapist. I love serving people and supporting them with suffering less and loving more. I entered the field of psychology because it looked like the best way to go about helping people. You can understand then why it would be disconcerting when I came across an understanding that revealed to me that the solution to suffering is not actually found within the scope of the discipline of psychology that studies thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.   The very thing I learned about to help people actually does not have the answers in it.   After...

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Re-Wilding You — You and Your Relationships Will Flourish

Re-wilding is a term used in environmental circles to refer to bringing a location back to its natural state of health and vitality. Re-wilding, however, doesn’t just apply to our environment. We can re-wild societies, businesses, families, couples, and even individuals. They all benefits from coming back to their natural state of wild.   The term wild is often misunderstood. It has become associated with meaning something extreme and violent like when nature is seen as scary and dangerous. The wild is demonized and seen as out of control and crazy. It is also associated with promiscuity like the way wild is...

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Looking Toward Your True Nature For No Good Reason

I’m sitting on our sage living room couch that has seen better days, but with two teenagers still living at home, I am going to hold off on getting a new one. The spills and stains that show up after friends’ visits or the occasional party don’t bother me that way. My legs are stretched out on the chaise lounge portion of the sofa. I had to look that word up. I thought it was chaise long, but I stand corrected. Our cat Twilight named by our girls when they were younger after the dusky color of the sky before...

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