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Please Enjoy the webinars with the Soul-Centered Series Teachers

The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with Elsie Spittle

In this webinar, Elsie shares what she is seeing fresh regarding her understanding of the Principles. She takes you to the heart and soul of Sydney Banks’s teaching and points beyond the words to the wisdom that is available to all of us.

The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with Dicken Bettinger

In this webinar, Dicken shares how the teachings of Sydney Banks shifted his work as a psychologist and his own views on personal development. Sydney Banks was the first person Dicken heard say that everyone has innate wellbeing inside of them but for their thinking.

The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with Linda Pransky

In this webinar, Linda shares some of her most profound and helpful insights from studying with Sydney Banks. She points us in the direction of our true nature of pure consciousness while also sharing how helpful it is to understand the map of our psychology.

The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with Cathy Casey

In this Webinar, Cathy shares her rich experience of sharing the Principles over the years. I loved hearing the story of her first meeting Sydney Banks. She makes the understanding so accessible, and I appreciated her profound acceptance of her humanity — Enjoy!

The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with Judith Sedgeman

Here is the recording of today’s webinar with Judith Sedgeman. I apologize for the technical difficulties with the video quality. The sound quality is better. Judith shared beautifully how we each have to come to our own realizations and experience the deeper truth that gives us more inner freedom through our own personal truth. Hope you enjoy the webinar.

The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with Bill Pettit
In this webinar, Bill Pettit shares how he has integrated the Three Principles within his psychiatric practice for more than 35 years. Bill was mentored personally for over 26 years by Sydney Banks, and his direct experience with Syd’s teaching closely informs his work.

The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with Amy Johnson

In this webinar, Amy shares how the teachings of Sydney Banks impacted her life personally, and how they shifted her work with clients. Amy has a profound understanding of the Principles shared by Sydney Banks and uses this to help people all over the world free themselves from unwanted habits by helping them to experience more freedom of mind.

The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with Barb Patterson

In this interview, Barb shares her journey in coming across the understanding first shared by Sydney Banks. She shares how it has transformed her life both personally and professionally.

The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with George Pransky
George has a wonderful ability to point to the depth and profundity of the understanding shared by Sydney Banks as well as the simplicity of it. I love how straightforward George is in how he shares what he sees and how he works with others. He points to the far-reaching impact that results from understanding there is an intelligence behind life that is us and is the source of our innate mental health and wellbeing.