Solopreneur | Rohini Ross

The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with George Pransky

Here is the recording of George Pransky's interview.   George has a wonderful ability to point to the depth and profundity of the understanding shared by Sydney Banks as well as the simplicity of it. I love how straightforward George is in how he shares what he sees and how he works with others. He points to the far-reaching impact that results from understanding there is an intelligence behind life that is us and is the source of our innate mental health and wellbeing.   Rohini Ross is the founder and presenter of The Soul-Centered Series: Psychology, Spirituality and the Teachings of Sydney Banks...

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The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with Barb Patterson

Here is the recording of Barb Patterson's interview. Barb Patterson is intent on disrupting the old models of transformation and what it takes to achieve new levels of performance for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business leaders. She recognizes that hustle, hard work, and sacrifice are old, limiting ideas and instead points to the understanding of the Principles as a powerful game-changing truth. She recognizes the real source of innovation, growth, and impact is not what you do, but where you come from.   In this interview, Barb shares her journey in coming across the understanding first shared by Sydney Banks. She shares how it...

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Make the Leap into Your Inspiration

I am on  my way back from Costa Rica and feeling extremely grateful for the experience of enjoying the sand, getting a little beaten up learning to surf, visiting with friends, and relaxing in all of the beautiful nature. As the Costa Ricans say, "Pura Vida!" This is a saying that translates to mean pure life, but is more of a philosophical statement encouraging people to be grateful for what they have.   Given my checkered work history it feels miraculous to be enjoying the life I am. I come from a very simple background. I grew up mostly with a single...

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