International Development | Rohini Ross

From Nothing Comes Everything

I am the product of East meets West. I have a Sri Lankan father and an English mother. When it comes to spirituality, I like the best of both worlds. In the East emptiness is sought after and revered. In the West, it is feared and seen as nihilistic. The West seems to prefer the fullness of love. For me, both are true.   In the fleeting moments when I experience emptiness, the space where there is nothing. It is in this nothingness that I experience everything. It is in that space that I touch the most exquisite feelings I have ever known.   One...

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An Idea Whose Time Has Come

“Love is the answer because, pure mind, divine mind is pure love. Divine consciousness is pure love. Divine thought is pure love.” — Sydney Banks   I am on my way back from Oslo, home of the Nobel Peace prize, and where the first One Solution Conference was held. I am deeply moved, filled and inspired as I return to LA. The premise of the conference — there is one solution to global challenges is a bold statement. It does, however, make sense within the context of there being one source to human suffering. As George Pransky stated at the conference, if...

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World Peace is Only One Thought Away

I am thrilled to be heading off next week to the One Solution Conference in Norway. This conference represents two of my key interests being brought together. My interest in the Three Principles and my interest in being of service. The conference is focused on how we can learn more about our human capacity to unlock the potential of our thinking and use this to find solutions to the world’s greatest challenges such as war, poverty, cultural and political conflict, terrorism, climate change, corruption, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and gender inequality.   When I went to college I planned on becoming a...

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