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Free to BE LEADERSHIP by Noushin Bayat

This week's post is a guest blog written by my apprentice Noushin Bayat. Noushin has tremendous experience working in organizational development and culture change. In this piece, she shares her fresh thinking around "Be Leadership." She points to how leadership is an innate state within each one of us that is right there when we loosen our identification with our thoughts and experience our natural state.   The words “leader” and “leadership” have a certain mystique about them as if they are reserved for those special people who somehow qualify, through the right education or expertise, to lead us to better times. But...

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For Optimum Performance — Forget About Yourself

I was having a conversation about an upcoming three-day leadership development training and during the conversation, I was reminded that the executives are human just like the rest of us. In another conversation with the owner of a company, he affirmed the importance of everyone being of equal value in the organizational culture no matter what their position.   Both of these conversations reminded me of the value of remembering not only do we all work the same way, but we also come from the same source. There is no hierarchy when it comes to our humanness. The ordinariness of our commonality...

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Rewilding Your Organization

I’ve been writing recently about the rewilding work Angus and I do with couples helping them to return to the natural state of love and harmony in their relationships. But another area of work we do where rewilding is transformative is in organizations.   I believe it was in a David Whyte talk where I heard him ask the audience, “Do you know why you should leave your car window open a crack before going into the office?” His response was, “So the 99% of you that you leave in the car when you go into the office doesn’t die.”   No organization...

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