It Is Not Always Obvious When Opportunity Comes Knocking

Work is love made visible. ~ Kahlil Gibran   I never imagined I would be able to make good money in a sustainable way. Before getting married I was a student who received scholarships to go to school, and then I worked as a model. I did make good money then, but I knew it was a time-limited endeavor. When I got married, I imagined I would work until we had children, and then become a stay-at-home mom. This was definitely something I wanted to do and felt called to do. I also did not see myself as being able to bring...

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How I Let Go of Financial Stress and Found Peace of Mind

I belong to a Mastermind Group where we rotate the opportunity for each member to take a deep dive and receive support and feedback from the group meeting to meeting. It was my turn, and I shared I was feeling overwhelmed with being the main financial provider for my family. My husband recently left his full-time job to join forces with me in my consulting practice. This is absolutely the right move for us, and our family, but I was feeling under pressure.   As a result of sharing my fears out loud, my thinking settled. I began to see more clearly....

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