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World Peace is Only One Thought Away

World Peace is Only One Thought Away

I am thrilled to be heading off next week to the One Solution Conference in Norway. This conference represents two of my key interests being brought together. My interest in the Three Principles and my interest in being of service. The conference is focused on how we can learn more about our human capacity to unlock the potential of our thinking and use this to find solutions to the world’s greatest challenges such as war, poverty, cultural and political conflict, terrorism, climate change, corruption, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and gender inequality.


When I went to college I planned on becoming a doctor. I knew I wanted to work in a healing profession. In my first year I got straight A’s in my pre-med classes. This left me all the more shocked in my second year when I felt like I was being taught in an indecipherable language in my organic chemistry and differential calculus classes. All of a sudden I had no clue, and could not seem to make head nor tail of the course content.


I got further and further behind. I felt more and more miserable. I finally went to the academic dean for counseling. He seemed to think I was capable of catching up and getting back on track. He was of the opinion that I just needed to work harder to be successful in these courses. He felt I could leverage my capacity by focusing on the courses being a means to an end of my larger goal of becoming a doctor. And, if I didn’t want to do that, he told me to take classes I enjoyed.


I did not have the confidence he had in me to catch up in the courses I was struggling with. From my perspective, I did not have two choices if I didn’t want to fail. My common sense kicked in, and I switched from a Bachelor of Science degree to a Bachelor of Arts degree, and I took classes I was enthusiastic about. This happened to be classes in Human Geography. These courses opened my eyes to third world development issues, the impact of colonialism on countries, cultural imperialism, and the price of debt on struggling economies and human lives.


I was struck by the pervasive challenges in the developing world, and I wanted to do something about them. I went on to get my Master’s degree in Cultural Geography thinking this would lead me to a career focused on supporting positive global change. However, while spending time doing research in Guatemala, I got sick with some very tenacious parasites. I did everything that western medicine provided, and they would not go away. Out of desperation, I finally went to see a naturopathic physician.


I was exposed to the world of natural medicine. I learned I play a much greater role in my physical, mental, and emotional well being than I ever imagined. In addition to changing my diet and taking supplements, I started meditating and practicing Kundalini yoga. Through my own experience of healing, I realized I still felt called to work in a healing profession. After finishing my Master’s degree in Cultural Geography, I took time away from academic pursuits to clarify what career I wanted to pursue. I eventually found the University of Santa Monica and took their MA program in Spiritual Psychology. I then went on to become a licensed psychotherapist.


As part of my continuing education and professional development, I encountered the Three Principles. This understanding deepened the impact of my work with individuals, couples, and families, and introduced me to the world of coaching.


As a coach, I saw how the same principles I used as a therapist to help people reduce their anxiety, heal their depression, and improve their relationships also worked to help people tap into their potential, achieve greater fulfillment and success in their lives, and helped corporations to improve their bottom line. It, therefore, makes complete sense to me that the One Solution Conference is taking the application of these principles one step further and applying them to resolving global challenges. When I saw this, my two worlds collided, and my heart lit up.


I look forward to spending time in Oslo looking in the direction of how a more profound understanding of how our thoughts create our reality has the power to change reality in a global way.


All change begins with new individual understanding. Personal awakening and growth in consciousness represent a vertical shift in consciousness that allows us to gain a higher perspective so we can see the bigger picture. From this vantage point, what looked like intractable problems are now placed into a context where solutions are visible.


We have all experienced this in our own lives even if only in small ways. I remember thinking one moment, “That is impossible. I will never be able to do that.” and then later realizing it is completely doable. This has occurred to me numerous times in my life related to circumstances like moving to another country, getting another degree, buying a house, and in a myriad of other smaller more forgettable ways.


The only thing that changes when making the impossible possible is new, fresh thought. There is a natural upward shift in consciousness that occurs when we are open and willing to relax our intellect and allow thinking to rise from the wisdom within us.


This quality of thinking helps us irrespective of the size of the challenge we are having. Whether it be, “How do I organize getting the kids home from school when my husband and I are both working?” to, “How do we experience global peace and and well being?” Wisdom is neutral and has no agenda. We are the ones with free will to choose what questions to focus on and what direction we will look in to find the answers. Perhaps I will see you in Oslo?

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