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He Said, She Said: Angus is Upset Because ...

He Said, She Said: Angus is Upset Because …

Angus is under duress AGAIN. He goes on a rant about “organic” shrimp, but recognizes he will stabilize. I do my best not to take his low mood personally.


Sometimes during the course of the day our thinking can get revved up, and it doesn’t take much to fall into the trap of “I’m upset because …”. And the because is often trivial, like shrimp. However, the solution is always the same. To realize that nothing out there can ever make us feel a certain way. That we can only ever be experiencing our own thoughts. Therefore, the upset is ALWAYS being internally generated and has nothing to do with anything outside of ourselves. This understanding naturally causes us to dis-identify with what is not true. As a result, we get unglued from our revved up thinking, start to settle back into our natural state, and have the opportunity for learning to occur. Learning in the form of wisdom arising from within us. As we experience our deeper knowing, we see things differently. Our level of consciousness shifts and everything is seen with new eyes. This is the awakening process in daily life.



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