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Experience Greater Resilience — Take Managing Your Moods Off Your To-Do List

It is easy to get attached to the feeling of a good mood. It is understandable to want try to hold on to a good feeling or try to recreate it. Self-help and mainstream psychology focus on teaching techniques to help us control and manipulate our moods so we feel good. They create an illusion of vulnerability by teaching us something is wrong when we are in a low mood, and we should try to change it.   The challenge is, we are not capable of controlling our moods. It is impossible to never have a low mood. Fluctuation of mood is...

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Do Not Underestimate the Power of a Peaceful Mind

My crazy needs to get bigger than my sane, or more accurately put, I need to get better at distinguishing between my crazy and my sane thoughts. My self-doubt can look so rational and logical. I am getting better at ignoring the noisy thoughts of self-doubt so I can more fully embrace the calling of my heart. The voice that asks, “Are you delusional? Have you lost your mind?” That is the voice I need to ignore so I can hear my inner wisdom.   I do have grandiose ideas. Some might, even I might at times, say they are delusional. I...

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Time to De-Stress and Relax: You Have Arrived!

I was hesitant to share this piece because it is an exploration of ideas. It is an area I am grappling with, and, as a result, it felt half-baked and awkward. Then I realized there is beauty in rough edges, and since it is impossible to ever write “the truth,” everything I write is essentially half-baked. Why should I let my ego determine that one half-baked piece is better than another?   My ego is nothing more than insecure thoughts that I believe. My insecure thoughts in this case were focused on needing to look good and be together. These thoughts are...

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Free Yourself From Unnecessary Emotional Suffering

“The only thing that gets people stuck in their suffering is their belief that their suffering results from something real rather than their thoughts. Techniques reinforce the illusion that it is more than thought.”  -- George Pransky  As soon as we understand our suffering is self-generated by our own thoughts and recognize it is not based on truth, we see we have choices. We see the possibility of shifting our focus and letting go of the inaccurate thoughts. We stop believing them. We surrender our beliefs of those thoughts. As soon as we surrender those beliefs, simply by seeing they are...

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Relax and Enjoy Your Wild and Precious Life

Writing is something I have wanted to make a career of for many years. While modeling I was asked to write a blog for Vogue online, but I wasn’t one who mingled with the rich and famous, so I wanted to write about alternative health and healing. That wasn’t their cup of tea, so it didn’t go anywhere. Over the years, I have made forays into starting a blog, written bits and pieces and then stopped. My writing seemed too self-centered and angst filled. I’m not sure if that will be different now, but what has changed is my ability...

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Test Event

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