Slow and Steady is Fine if You Are a Tortoise, but What if You Have the Temperament and Constitution of a Hare?

After returning from London, I got a sinus infection that left me with very low energy. I found myself only able to do essential tasks. I rested a lot, watched tv, and read novels. I didn’t even eat that much. I survived mostly on soup that I made in a huge batch and kept simmering on the stove. My husband and eldest daughter were still in London, and fortunately, my youngest daughter is old enough to fend for herself. As I emerge from the experience, I notice how relaxed I feel, and even though I am feeling better, I don’t...

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We Are All in Recovery — Recovery of Our True Selves

I went to a workshop this week with Dr. Gabor Maté speaking about addiction. Maté spoke about the relationship between the trauma of unmet primary attachment needs and addiction. He defined the essence of trauma as not what happens to us, but the result of an internal disconnection from the body and the awareness of emotions. He sees what happens internally as creating trauma. He did not stay within the traditional realm of psychology in order to address the trauma. Instead, he quoted an unnamed spiritual teacher in California as saying, “The greater calamity is the lost connection with your...

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