wisdom | Rohini Ross

Anxiety and Conflict

Angus was very attached to his mattress. It took Rohini ages to convince him to get a new one. However, when Angus was putting the new bed together he found himself getting reactive because he thought the new mattress was no better than a horse mat. Some harsh words were exchanged, but once the mattress had expanded, and Angus and Rohini had stabilized, Angus realized the ego is like a hoarder. It wants to hoard whatever feels familiar because it feels anxious about the unknown. Fortunately, understanding this makes it easier to ignore the ego's hoarding mentality and to have...

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Beating the Algorithm of Anxiety

Angus was introduced to Tik Tok by his daughters and discovered a new metaphor through indulging in his guilty pleasure. Having his feed overrun by fishing videos, helped him see he needed to ignore them in order to shift the algorithm. The same is true for your anxious thoughts. When you don't identify with them, they naturally dissipate. What helps is recognizing the capacity you have to leave your thoughts alone. You already do this naturally. It is not a new skill to learn. It is simply a recognition that you can ignore compelling thoughts just like you ignore other...

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Microdosing Truth

Angus comes up with a wacky metaphor of how we are all microdosing on truth whether we realize it or not. AND we all have the opportunity to choose to look within to truth and see what gets revealed to us. It is so easy to get preoccupied with having more experiences of pleasure and fewer experiences of pain that we don't realize there is another option altogether that is to step outside of the cycle. Without even changing it, stepping outside and having perspective on it gives us more peace and freedom. There is nothing wrong with our humanness...

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