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Have Fun Being Unapologetically YOU!

Angus didn’t realize he had taken someone’s negative feedback about our Vlog personally until it came time to do it. What I really appreciate about the pre-recording experience was watching Angus go from reactive and caught up in his thinking one moment to seeing his mind shift and getting perspective in another. It is amazing how quickly our minds change, and it is so powerful to see how we all have that same capacity to drop into peace and clarity at any moment.   I can relate to Angus getting caught up in insecure thinking. It happens to me too. It is...

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Angus’ Active Imagination

Angus believes he has lost a box from Amazon. He creates a narrative around that and lives in this reality until a week later when the missing box is delivered. This goes to show how powerful thought is. We don’t live in an objective reality that we perceive. We live in a subjective reality that we create. This may sound esoteric, but it is actually very practical especially for relationships. When you know that your reality is not “the” reality it opens the mind to understand other people’s way of seeing the world that can be quite different from our...

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