George Floyd | Rohini Ross

Neutrality is Heartless in the Face of Injustice

I want to acknowledge all of the support demonstrated by my readers for anti-racism and for the acknowledgment that Black Lives Matter. As many of you know, my blog posts focus on sharing my personal experience and what I am learning and seeing more deeply related to the experience of living in the human form with more love and understanding.   I share with the intent of being of service, and I encourage you to use my reflections to stimulate your own personal inquiry so you look inward and listen deeply to the wisdom of your true nature. From there, your actions...

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Black Lives Matter

Thank you for being a reader!   Last week I shared on social media how surprised I was that so many people unsubscribed from my newsletter in one morning after my last post. I also acknowledged that I didn’t know why people unsubscribed. I received a tremendous amount of support, and some people emailed to let me know their unsubscribe was not related to that week’s post. But I did receive this email:   Rohini, I enjoyed your and Angus's posts very much. But I resent your using the 3 principles platform to promote your political agenda. When I signed up to your emails,...

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Rise To The Level of Love And Stand For Justice

The outrage over the death of George Floyd in police custody has incited a wave of protests and violence across the United States. Here in LA, we have had an enforced curfew for the past two nights due to the shift from peaceful protests to riots and lootings. All of this is layered on top of the impact on the city of the pandemic. Many small businesses who might have been looking forward to opening their doors, now have more struggles to deal with. It was heartbreaking to watch an African American store owner in tears as his property was...

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