The Sneakiness of Busyness and Self-Importance

I’m back in LA enjoying a cozy rainy day after participating in Barb Patterson’s Business Accelerator program. The experience was a great example of what is possible when one is willing to step into the unknown and see what emerges from a clean slate. To say I was surprised by what came forward is an understatement.   I went in knowing something felt off regarding my work, but I had no idea what. As Angus and I explored our ideas related to helping couples rewild their relationships everything felt fresh and alive. We are committed to moving forward with the book....

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Spaciousness is Good for the Soul

October was a busy month. Barb Patterson and I enjoyed another very inspiring Engaged Space. The Soul-Centered Series started. There was a visit to our eldest daughter in college for Family Weekend, an amazing Business Summit in Portland, three corporate trainings, and client intensives.   What I am so grateful for is that with all of this going on my stress levels have been low. I have eaten candy this month, but that is because we bought Halloween candy early to be prepared. This was a very bad idea because then we had to buy more candy for Halloween. But other than...

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Peace of Mind and Happiness are the Key to Greater Performance

I was having a conversation with my husband Angus about the idea of creating things outside of ourselves by focusing on them and thinking about them positively. For me, this seems like such a lot of effort and feels like it is looking in the wrong direction from where well-being actually resides. Rather than using my mental energy to focus on creating something outside of myself, I would rather wake up to my true nature and the experience of peace, well-being, joy, and love that is who I am more fully independent of what I have in my life or how...

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