Addiction | Rohini Ross

Beating the Algorithm of Anxiety

Angus was introduced to Tik Tok by his daughters and discovered a new metaphor through indulging in his guilty pleasure. Having his feed overrun by fishing videos, helped him see he needed to ignore them in order to shift the algorithm. The same is true for your anxious thoughts. When you don't identify with them, they naturally dissipate. What helps is recognizing the capacity you have to leave your thoughts alone. You already do this naturally. It is not a new skill to learn. It is simply a recognition that you can ignore compelling thoughts just like you ignore other...

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Coping Mechanisms Aren’t Rational — They Are Spiritual

The final Soul-Centered Series starts this Friday, and there are just a few spots left. It is with curiosity and excitement that Angus and I await to see who is going to complete the group of this final class.   I can feel the energy moving inside of me already. I always feel like the program starts as soon as you sign up for it, and Angus and I signed up for this back in April when we decided to do it one last time!   In the midst of the final preparations, I noticed that my habit of picking the skin around my...

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