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Toy Drive & Taking Things Personally

Toy Drive & Taking Things Personally

Our friend Paige is helping coordinate a toy drive for the 100 children at the San Fernando Valley Refugee Children’s Center, in North Hills, CA


Many of the unaccompanied minors were in detention centers at the border and are hoping to get asylum. The little kids are with a parent and they have all escaped gangs and potential murder, back in Central America.


The Center:


Here is the link for the toy drive wish list. When you order, please choose this address when it gives the prompt: Kelly Radinsky’s Gift Registry. Click here for the link.


Regarding the Vlog, understand that it is normal to take your partner’s low mood behavior personally and end up in a low mood yourself. Please be gentle and kind with yourself. And also recognize you can be on a learning curve. It can get easier. When you recognize that your partner’s low mood behavior is an indicator that they are caught up and have lost their bearings, it is so much easier to not take their behavior personally. You can see it more clearly as a reflection of their suffering and nothing to do with you. When seen this way it is common for compassion and kindness to be the response to their suffering. We are not condoning bad behavior. We are saying take care of yourself in the face of bad behavior and we are saying it is possible to do so with love and compassion. So if you find yourself taking your partner’s low mood behavior personally, see if you can recognize what they are doing or saying is a reflection of their suffering and nothing to do with you.


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