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of Sydney Banks

Aaron Turner

Cathy Casey &
Mark Howard

Chip Chipman

George &
Linda Pransky

Christine Heath &
Judy Sedgeman

Dicken Bettinger

Elsie Spittle

Rohini Ross

“If the only thing people learned was not to be

afraid of their experience that alone would change the world.”


~ Sydney Banks ~

Are you looking to experience more peace of mind, wellbeing and inner freedom in your life?

This seven-month series looks in the direction of your true nature so you can experience more inner freedom and a deeper enjoyment of your life. This is a deeply immersive program with ten teachers who learned directly from Sydney Banks.

It is a unique opportunity to spend in-depth time with them and experience the impact of their profound understanding of what Sydney Banks Shared. This program fosters greater well-being and authentic success as your understanding naturally deepens.


Experience the depth of personal and professional transformation


This intent of this series is to look in the direction of the spiritual nature of the understanding shared by Sydney Banks. The weekends will be an immersive experience of dropping into the beautiful feelings of your True Nature and opening to the infinite possibilities as they reveal themselves. Each teacher has an incredible depth of understanding, and together we will look in the direction of what is universal and unchanging. 


The benefits below are common by-products that result from looking in the direction of your True Nature. 

Better Relationships
Better Relationships
Deeper love and acceptance of yourself
Deeper love and acceptance of yourself
More authentic success
More authentic success
Increased ability to enjoy life
Increased ability to enjoy life
Expanded freedom to live into your potential
Expanded freedom to live into your potential
Greater happiness
Greater happiness



Hear from last year’s participants:


Rohini Ross is delighted to co-facilitate this program with original students of Sydney Banks. Never before have these master teachers participated in a program focused purely on an experiential knowing of the true self through sharing the depth of their understanding of Sydney Banks’ teachings.

Aaron Turner


Spiritual Facts

After earning his Ph.D. in Anthropology from London’s Brunel University, Aaron joined Pransky and Associates, a world leader in the pioneering…

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Cathy Casey & Mark Howard


Practical Spirituality

Cathy Casey is a highly skilled and experienced trainer of the Three Principles understanding of experience. Her work ranges from…

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Chip Chipman


The Simplicity of Syd’s Teachings

Chip had the honor of being mentored by Sydney Banks from 1975 until 2009. From 1994 to 2004 he conducted retreats with him in…

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George & Linda Pransky


Psychological Freedom

In 1976, George and Linda Pransky stumbled upon a new way of helping people that was radically different from the traditional counseling…

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Christine Heath & Judy Sedgeman


Spirituality and Resilience

Christine, the co-founder, and executive director of the Hawaii Counseling and Education Center since 1985, has nearly 37 years’ experience as…

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Dicken Bettinger


The Spiritual Nature of the Principles

Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D., received his doctorate in counseling psychology and practiced as a licensed clinical psychologist…

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Elsie Spittle


The Soul of the Principles

Elsie Spittle has been an internationally recognized trainer and consultant for over four decades. She is one of the few people who knew Sydney…

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Rohini Ross

October – April

The Soul-Centered Series

Rohini Ross is passionate about helping people wake up to their full potential. She is a transformative coach, leadership consultant…

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Elsie Spittle – April
The Soul of the Principles

Elsie Spittle has been an internationally recognized trainer and consultant for over four decades. She is one of the few people….

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Rohini Ross 


Elsie Spittle has been an internationally recognized trainer and consultant for over four decades. She is one of the few people….

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Enjoy speaker highlights from last year's series


There are twelve live webinars, two per month, facilitated by the weekend speakers.

In addition to co-facilitating the weekends, Rohini Ross will be holding weekly drop-in office hours to support assimilating the understanding into everyday life, both personally and professionally.


The seven-month time frame allows for integration and deepening in the understanding. This will be a closed group to provide the space for connection, community, and support.

Sydney Banks was a welder with a 9th-grade education who had a spontaneous enlightenment experience.

What was revealed to him is at the core of every spiritual teaching.

After his profound realization, he spent the rest of his life generously sharing what he saw in order to reduce human suffering and support people with waking up to their true nature.

The number of practitioners sharing this understanding, currently called the Three Principles, is growing exponentially in the world today.

What is different about Sydney Banks’ teaching?

He shared his insights with the least form and packaging possible.


His teaching is NOT about …

Managing or changing thoughts being more aware of thoughts or witnessing thoughts Focusing on positive thinking or reframing negative thoughts into positive thoughts Processing emotions and exploring the past learning meditation techniques or spiritual practices



So what is it? It is about waking up to the illusory nature of thought and, as a result, naturally dropping into the experience of your true nature and allowing insights and transformation to unfold from there. This program will stay true to the essence of his work and point to the living truth that is alive inside of each one of us. There will be no content to learn, no techniques to master — simply the invitation to relax and surrender to your true nature. You are already awake. There is nothing for you to do other than wake up to the truth of who you are more fully.


Seven In-Person Weekend Workshops (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday)

with Rohini Ross and first-generation students of Sydney Banks


Twelve Live Webinars between the weekends with the Weekend Facilitators


Twenty-four Weekly Office Hours via Zoom with Rohini Ross

If you wish to have a conversation or have questions about the program, please email to schedule a call.


To reserve your seat in the program, please choose your payment option below.

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$5500.00 USD


Program Nearly Full!


This is the last time this program will be offered

To preserve the container of the deep dive immersive experience space is limited

to 65 participants with a maximum of 25 virtual places.


  • October 11 – 13, 2019
  • November 8 – 10, 2019
  • December 6 – 8, 2019
  • January 24 – 26, 2020
  • February 21 – 23, 2020
  • March 20 – 22, 2020
  • April 17 – 19, 2020

    • Friday 7pm – 9pm
    • Saturday 10am – 4pm
    • Sunday 10am – 4pm

Santa Monica, California

Worldwide via Livestream


  • 7 In-Person Weekends
  • 12 Live Interactive Video Classes with original teachers. Classes will be recorded so they can be watched or listened to as many times as you like
  • 24 Weekly Office Hours for drop-in support with integration and coaching from the understanding.
  • Virtual participants may participate in-person on some weekends with prior notification.


If The Soul-Centered Series calls to you, but you have additional questions about your participation in the course, please fill out the form below, and we will contact you.

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    Who is this program for?

    This program is for anyone who wants to experience a deeper connection with their true nature through learning from original students of Sydney Banks sharing their current understanding of his teachings, currently known as the Three Principles. It is equally beneficial for people with very little knowledge of the Three Principles to attend as it is for those with in-depth prior knowledge and experience who want to deepen their understanding.

    What are the Three Principles?

    Three universal principles explain the thinking process: Mind, Consciousness and Thought. Simply put, Mind is the energy of life, the fact that we are alive. Thought is our ability to create forms or ideas from that energy. Consciousness is our ability to experience what we think as real. In other words, we are born thinking. We think our way through life. We see life through our thoughts as we go, and the quality of our thinking determines the quality of our lives (how we see things moment-to-moment).

    Three universal principles explain the thinking process: Mind, Consciousness and Thought. Simply put, Mind is the energy of life, the fact that we are alive. Thought is our ability to create forms or ideas from that energy. Consciousness is our ability to experience what we think as real. In other words, we are born thinking. We think our way through life. We see life through our thoughts as we go, and the quality of our thinking determines the quality of our lives (how we see things moment-to-moment).


    Awakening to those principles sets people free from attachment to the contents of any particular thinking with the knowledge that thoughts naturally come and go. It frees people to see their state of mind, their felt response to perceived reality, as an indicator of the moment-to-moment quality of their thinking. A stressed or negative feeling state or state of mind produces a low mood and increasing tension, a feeling of insecurity, or dis-ease. That feeling warns us to allow our thinking to quiet.


    As people learn to trust their state of mind as a guide through life, they catch themselves earlier and earlier in the process of insecure thinking that can lead to chronic stressful states of mind and worse. Recognising the signal to quiet down, people can leave negative thoughts alone and allow them to pass. As our minds quiet, our feelings change and our perceived reality changes. We naturally regain our ability to address life circumstances and challenges from a wiser, more optimistic and hopeful perspective.


    Once people recognize that innate health is constant and always accessible, they are able to navigate the ups and downs of their thinking without frightening themselves with their most negative thinking or deceiving themselves with their most positive thinking. We are able to be grateful in moments of exhilaration and graceful in moments of distress, and to experience the rich landscape of all our thinking as the gift of life.
    By Judy Sedgeman

    What is your refund policy?

    A full refund is available up to 30 days before the program begins. After 30 days there are no refunds available.

    What if I can’t attend all the weekends?

    While we encourage you to attend all weekends in person, if you miss a weekend, the recording of the weekend is available for viewing afterward.

    How long will I have access to the recordings?

    The availability of recordings of the weekends, webinars, and office hours will expire at the end of May 2020.

    How can this program help me in my business?

    The teachings of Sydney Banks allow one to experience a deeper connection with the Authentic Self and to experience the innate potential that resides inside of each one of us. This makes it easier to navigate the human emotional ups and downs more gracefully and tap into the innate resilience that allows us all to bounce back. This connection also facilitates listening to and following through on one’s wisdom in all areas of life, including business.

    How can this program help me in my relationship?

    The teachings of Sydney Banks have helped many people in their relationships. The understanding helps one to connect with innate well-being and wisdom. This is emotionally stabilizing and allows for greater perspective in all areas of life, including relationships.

    How is this series different that USM’s Soul-Centered Living Program?

    This series as based on the teachings of Sydney Banks. There is a common understanding that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. The teachings of Sydney Banks do not, however, include techniques and practices. This series is not affiliated with the University of Santa Monica and does not include the the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology trademarked by the University of Santa Monica. Here is the link to their programs.

    Are the teachings of Sydney Banks the same as Mindfulness or other spiritual teachings?

    In his blog post, Sydney Bank’s Contribution to Spiritual Teaching, Dicken Bettinger shares how the teachings of Sydney Banks are similar to and different from other spiritual teachings.

    People often ask if the 3 Principles are the same as or different from current and popular spiritual teachings, or Buddhism, or any of the world religions. In this blog I will attempt to answer this important question.


    The 3 Principles refer to the essence of spiritual truth. This truth lies at the core of all of life or we would not refer to it as truth. It has revealed itself to people throughout history.


    This truth is not the sole province of any person, or spiritual understanding, or religion. Principles in this context do not refer to any concept or idea, but refer to that which is most fundamental to life. That which is most fundamental is the energy of all of life, whether in form or formless.


    Another way of saying this is that out of pure, formless energy everything in all the universes arises and takes form. Since any and all form is composed of that same energy, there is an inherent unity or oneness in life. Everything is the same energy, whether in form or formless. This truth has always been true, even long before humans came along.


    Syd Banks was fortunate enough to have had a realization of this truth in its starkest simplicity. What revealed themselves to Syd in 1973 were the 3 Principles in their formless essence. It was clear to him that they lie before the forms that they have taken in different religions and cultures. Therefore, Syd asserted that the 3 Principles are found at the formless, spiritual core of Buddhism and at the core of every religion. He also pointed out that often the essence of truth gets more and more covered over by concepts, ideas, beliefs, insights, values, doctrines, advice, practices, and techniques as time goes by.


    Syd was concerned with the way in which the simplicity of truth can be diluted by human beings as they mix the principles with personal concepts and practices. He knew that this was a danger within the community of people calling themselves 3 Principle practitioners.


    Syd was doing his best to invite all of humanity to look toward the essence of every spiritual teaching and religion. He honored and had great respect for all religions. He encouraged religious people to stay with their religion. He invited people to strip away the complexity and return to simplicity. He knew that every single human being has the ability to realize truth. He knew that if people gained a deeper realization of the essence of their religion that it would enhance their understanding of that religion and would help raise the level of understanding in the world.


    So the real question may not be how the 3 Principles are different than other spiritual teachings, but can we recognize the 3 Principles at the core of all spiritual teachings and learn to separate them out from all that is a conceptual elaboration?

    Syd believed that he did not create or discover these Principles. They are eternal Principles that revealed themselves to him. The formless nature of spirit and our intimate connection to that world is what Syd shares in common with other spiritual teachers and teachings. But every spiritual realizer brings their own emphasis, interpretation, and explanation to their teaching.


    Syd Banks’ teaching of the 3 Principles is, in my opinion, an enormous contribution to the world. I would like to identify what I see as his important contributions:


    1)    Sydney’s spiritual awakening happened through spontaneous insights. Because of this Syd never recommended, or felt the necessity of, spiritual practices, disciplines, or techniques. This in my opinion truly sets Syd apart from the vast majority of spiritual teaching. The very first point Syd makes in his book Missing Link is: “One of the greatest misconceptions ever is the belief that ‘It takes years to find wisdom’….The achievement of mental stability and peace of mind is one thought away from everyone on earth…” The accessibility of this has given hope to countless thousands of people.


    2)    Syd articulated the 3 fundamental life forces that he called Principles that are the universal common denominators of all human psychological experience. The identification of these 3 universal Principles brings a clarity and simplicity that immediately cuts through differences of race, culture, status, and age. He always pointed people toward simplicity rather than complexity.


    3)    He defined the essence of the Principle of Thought as formless and included Thought in his trinity along with Mind and Consciousness. He often called Thought the “missing link” for humanity, because a lot of spiritual teaching focuses on the Principles of Mind and Consciousness and they don’t highlight Thought as an equal Principle. Thought is the link that connects the spiritual with the psychological worlds.


    4)    Syd insisted that 100% of all feeling and experience was created from the Principles and that we are all lived by the same principles, no exceptions.


    5)    He was emphatic that no person is wiser or more spiritual in their essential nature than anyone else. Therefore he felt that everyone already has everything they are looking for. His notion of innate health completely undermines the long-standing trend toward self-improvement or self-development.


    6)    Syd’s certainty that if you touch the inner space prior to our conceptual mind, the state of no thought, that it must manifest as a positive feeling and/or a higher order of thinking.


    7)    He consistently pointed out the danger of being a follower of a teacher, rather than trusting your own wisdom and following your own common sense.

    By Dicken Bettinger

    Can I join the program late?

    If there is space available, it is possible to join the series after the first weekend, but it will not be possible to join the series once the second weekend has started.

    Is this program being offered again?

    No, this is the final time this program will be offered.

    Does this program help with mental health issues?

    This series is not a form of therapy. It is not intended to replace or be an alternative to psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychiatric, or other medical services provided by trained, licensed professionals. It is an educational series sharing a spiritual understanding. The understanding does not take people into their past or teach people how to control or manage thinking, feelings, or behavior. It shares an understanding of spiritual principles to help people experience the power behind their human psychological functioning so they can have insights that support them with experiencing their true nature more fully. The by-product of this is living a life with more well-being, greater connection to others, and less suffering even in the face of adversity.

    What do I need to bring to the weekends?

    Bring yourself and an open mind. There will be light snacks and refreshments provided throughout the weekend.

    How can I get the most out of this series?

    Engaged participation is the best way to get the most out of the series. Attend all of the weekends in full with an open mind. Attend the webinars and office hours live when possible and when not, listen to the recordings.

    Can I sign up for only certain weekends?

    No, this is a closed group. It is designed this way to promote connection and community within the group.

    Is financial assistance available?

    Some tuition assistance is available for in-person participants who have financial hardship. Click here to apply for tuition assistance.

    Where should I stay if I am traveling in from out of town?

    The workshop is being held in the heart of Santa Monica. The closest airport is LAX. There are numerous hotel and Airbnb options available close to the venue. For a selection of accommodations visit Trip Advisor or Airbnb for Santa Monica, California.

    Is there a maximum class size?

    To preserve the container of the deep dive immersive experience space is limited to 65 participants with only 25 virtual places.

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