Teenagers and Getting Intoxicated with Anger | Rohini Ross
Teenagers and Getting Intoxicated with Anger

Teenagers and Getting Intoxicated with Anger

Angus and I have both been brought to our knees recently and humbled by witnessing ourselves become intoxicated with anger. Worst of all it was in our relationship with our teenage daughter!


There have been lessons on both sides. For Angus, he saw his capacity to ride out his intoxication with anger from a neutral space and return to his natural state of love quite quickly. For me, I saw more clearly how my reactivity is only the result of me taking things personally. I embodied the understanding a little more deeply so the next time I was confronted with reactivity, I was able to stay neutral and compassionate. It is definitely a learning curve and what is most important along the way is to be gentle and kind with yourself!
Angus & Rohini Ross are “the Rewilders”. They love working with couples and helping them to reduce conflict and discord in their relationships by opening them up to their innate vitality and resilience. They work with couples who are struggling and couples who would like to deepen the love and intimacy they already have. They co-facilitate individualized couples intensives that rewild relationships back to their natural state of love. Rohini is the author of Marriage (The Soul-Centered Series Book 1), and they are co-founders of The Soul-Centered Series: Psychology, Spirituality and the Teachings of Sydney Banks. You can also subscribe to Rohini’s weekly blog that includes their weekly Vlog on her website, rohiniross.com.

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