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Rohini's Downward Spiral

Rohini’s Downward Spiral

Low moods can come over us without warning. That is what happened to me yesterday. For no rhyme or reason, my world looked black. So black I didn’t even want to live. I am sharing this to help take away any stigma from depression. I know I am not alone. At the time I felt embarrassed and ashamed of how I was feeling. So much so I didn’t want to tell Angus. I eventually did and succeeded in freaking him out, but fortunately, he rebounded quickly.


What I see now is that I was doing my best. It wasn’t my fault that I felt that way. I didn’t help to try and feel my spiritual nature in the midst of it. This was just another subtle way of trying to change my experience. I did have the common sense to stay quiet and still. That was the best I could do. And the feelings passed.


What I want you to know is that your experience does not define you. It is not who you are. It comes and goes. It doesn’t mean anything about you if you feel very separate from your true nature. Your essence is resilient. You naturally bounce back. You don’t need to do anything. You are designed to stabilize and come back to your Self.


Angus & Rohini Ross are “the Rewilders.” They love working with couples and helping them to reduce conflict and discord in their relationships by pointing them to their innate wisdom and understanding. They work with couples who are struggling and couples who would like to deepen the love and intimacy they already have. They co-facilitate individualized couples intensives that rewild relationships back to their natural state of love. Rohini is the author of Marriage (The Soul-Centered Series Book 1), and they are co-founders of The Soul-Centered Series: Psychology, Spirituality and the Teachings of Sydney Banks. You can also subscribe to Rohini’s weekly blog that includes their weekly Vlog on her website,


  • Cathy Scharetg

    29.03.2020 at 09:30 Reply

    Great message. Rohini, Thank you for being so willing to go through the experience and then coming out the other end to share it. Angus, thank you for being present to both Rohini and yourself simultaneously. I keep thinking of that Syd Banks quote about not being afraid of your experience. In AA we have 12 promises, and 1 of them says: -“We will see how our experience can benefit others”. I am not saying that you had the experience just to benefit us, I am seeing that your sharing of the experience gives me a deeper understanding of the deeper innocence that stays intact in deep feelings of separation.

    • Rohini

      31.03.2020 at 11:35 Reply

      Thanks, Cathy! I love that promise and firmly believe that we all learn and grow from each other!

      Love, Rohini

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