Rohini Ross | Breaking the Chains of Toxic Masculinity

Breaking the Chains of Toxic Masculinity

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Welcome to our vlog! In this episode, we dive deep into the value of vulnerability for intimacy in relationships. Inspired by a recent conversation on toxic masculinity, we explore how societal conditioning can hinder our ability to be vulnerable, especially for men. We share our personal experiences and reflect on the impact of suppressing emotions.


Join us as Angus recounts a poignant incident from his past that challenged his perception of vulnerability. Discover how a powerful moment of vulnerability and the subsequent compassionate response of others changed his perspective. We unpack the concept of toxic masculinity and its influence on our emotional expression within relationships.


Through our discussion, we reveal the transformative shift that occurred in our relationship. We explore how embracing vulnerability allowed us to break free from the harmful coping mechanisms and judgments that hindered our connection. Find out how simply being present and feeling our emotions opened the door to compassion and authentic expression.


Don’t miss this enlightening episode that explores the journey from discomfort to self-compassion and the role vulnerability plays in fostering deep, meaningful connections. Join us as we navigate the complexities of toxic masculinity and uncover the power of vulnerability for intimacy in relationships.


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Angus & Rohini Ross are “The Rewilders.” Listen to their podcast “Rewilding Love. They believe too many good relationships fall apart because couples give up thinking their relationship problems can’t be solved. Many couples don’t know how to navigate low moods, conflict, and emotional reactivity. In this season of the Rewilding Love Podcast, Rohini and Angus help a couple on the brink of divorce due to conflict. Angus and Rohini love working with couples and helping them to reduce conflict and discord in their relationships by pointing them to their innate wisdom and well-being. They work with couples who are struggling and couples who would like to deepen the love and intimacy they already have. They co-facilitate individualized couples’ intensives that rewild relationships back to their natural state of love.


Rohini is the author of the ebook Marriage, and they are co-founders of The 29-Day Rewilding Experience and The Rewilding Community. You can also follow Angus and Rohini Ross on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. To learn more about their work visit:

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