He Said, She Said: Angus and the Illusion of Listening

Angus and the Illusion of Listening

Listening is something that is so natural and simple, yet many people, Angus and I included, don’t do it all the time. We think we are listening or we give the impression that we are listening, but we are not fully present. Our mind is elsewhere. When this happens we miss out on connection and intimacy with another, but ultimately what we miss is the connection with ourselves. We feel our personal thoughts more than the oneness of who we all are.


Angus and I are not sharing this as a technique. There is no technique for listening. You are either fully present and listening or you are not. It is good to know the difference. Often people think they are present when they are not. They are so habituated to having a busy mind they think that is normal, but we all have moments when we are present each day. Knowing what this feels like is key. Then you can use the feeling as your compass to naturally draw you into presence.


Your presence is healing, therapeutic, creative, resourceful, infinite. You have everything you need inside of you. Listening with nothing else on my mind is one of the ways I love to experience this and wake up to who I am and who the person in front of me is. It doesn’t get better than that!


Rohini and Angus are both coaches. They work with individuals, leaders, and organizations to increase performance and success. They also love working with couples and helping them reduce conflict and discord so they can experience more love and harmony in their relationships. They co-facilitate individualized three-day couples intensives that support the deepening of connection and understanding. They work with couples who are struggling and couples who would like to deepen the love and intimacy they already have. Rohini is the author of Marriage (The Soul-Centered Series Book 1) and founder of The Soul-Centered Series: Psychology, Spirituality and the Teachings of Sydney Banks being offered in Santa Monica, California starting October 2018. You can also subscribe to her weekly blog that includes this weekly Vlog on her website, rohiniross.com.

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