The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with Linda Pranksy | Rohini Ross

The Soul-Centered Series Webinar with Linda Pranksy

In this webinar, Linda shares some of her most profound and helpful insights from studying with Sydney Banks. She points us in the direction of our true nature of pure consciousness while also sharing how helpful it is to understand the map of our psychology.


To learn more about the six-month program The Soul-Centered Series with the original students of Sydney Banks click here.




  • Margaret Keogh

    13.08.2018 at 06:15 Reply

    Hi Rohini and Linda
    Wanted to share this about having panic attacks. This happened to me many years ago before I knew anything about the Principals. I was housebound. It was bad. My great fear was that I was going to have a nervous breakdown and end up in a mental hospital because I believed the panic attacks would just go on and on and I would loose my mind. I was so lucky that I found a therapist that worked with panic attacks. The first thing he told me was that I was not mentally ill which I believed I was. That in itself took so much off my mind. Then he showed me that the sensations and anxiety would only go so high and then it would come down on its own. I was terrified of passing out and making a fool of myself in the super market so could not go in. He convinced me that if I passed out someone would help me. I recovered 80% in two sessions. It took longer to go over bridges and through tunnels because I was afraid of getting stuck in them because of traffic or an accident or something like that. But that also went away. It was really when he showed me that the panic attack would only go so high and then come down on its own that really helped. I began to play with it and saw that was true! Thanks to you and Linda for this wonderful Webinar.

    • Rohini

      13.08.2018 at 17:26 Reply

      Dear Margaret, Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your insight! It is so inspiring, hopeful and uplifting!

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