Amber Krzys Interview with Rohini Ross on Partnership

Amber Krzys Interview with Rohini Ross on Partnership

Do you ever feel like your thoughts are keeping you up at night—a kind of runaway train that you’re unable to stop?


This is one of many questions I explored in my recent interview with Rohini, and I must say, her answer may surprise you.


I’ve known Rohini for a few years. I met her during my time studying at the University of Santa Monica. I felt lucky to have her beaming smile, loving energy and inspired guidance as my support during that program.


Rohini is a Transformational Coach, a licensed marriage and family therapist and an author. Her latest book, Marriage, is an easy, insightful read on Soul-Centered romantic partnership. She and her husband, Angus, have been married 23 years and are still asked if they’re newlyweds! Clearly, Rohini is doing something right! That’s why I invited her to share more with me about how she nurtures her marriage and her Partnership with herself.


Highlights from our conversation include:


  • The best action to take when you find yourself out of balance, i.e., wrapped up in negative thinking, feelings of overwhelm or suffering in general. (Hint: “striving” to relax is not where it’s at!)
  • How the body and the mind have innate intelligence, and how we can support ourselves in relaxing into this truth.
  • The value of living in partnership with your Higher Self (aka your True Essence) enables you to experience more joy, peace…and fun!
  • What it means to keep your heart open in a romantic partnership, and how this always returns your relationship back to its natural state of love!
  • The many flavors and characteristics of the human experience, and how to more deeply embrace them and even celebrate them.


I left this session feeling centered and at peace. My hope is you will too.

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