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Inspiration Takes Care of the How To

Inspiration Takes Care of the How To

I remember my first coach Steve Chandler telling me the “how to” is never the problem. The challenge is always with the “want to”. If the “want to” is big enough people always figure out the “how to”. This was echoed to me in a conversation with Steve Hardison. I couldn’t comprehend how I could possibly pay his fee. He said to me, “If one of your children was sick and you needed this amount of money to save their life you would figure it out.” I knew he was right. I realized my “want to” simply wasn’t big enough, and this was not a sign of anything lacking within me. Working with him was simply not the next step that my inspiration was behind.


When I look back at the times I thought I needed to know how to do something, I see that focusing on what I didn’t know led to inaction.  I had a long list of things I needed to learn:


  • How to get clients,
  • How to enroll in programs,
  • How to write a blog,
  • How to get speaking engagements,
  • Etc.


All of the effort I put into learning from other people how they did it, was effort I was not putting into doing the task at hand, and the learning is in the doing.


There are plenty of people and resources offering answers and guides to all imaginable questions. They are, however, their answers based on their own wisdom and inspiration. There is no guarantee that everyone will get the same results. That is why there are always disclaimers such as “results may vary” and “no results are guaranteed”. Everyone’s results are their own. Even if we use exactly the same system and program, we each have our own experience. This is as true for marketing as it is for enlightenment.


I am not saying there is no value in learning content, strategies, and techniques. What I am pointing to, however, is that inside of each one of us is the source of infinite creative potential that gives us information tailor made for us. It is available real-time and responsive to our exact circumstances.


Not knowing and still taking the next step is powerful. How do you write a blog? Sit down and write. I don’t know what to say. Write anyway. There are infinite ways to write blogs. We can only find the way that works for us. And if the inspiration is there, you will find a way. This applies to everything.


Just doing it, however, doesn’t mean do everything at once or force yourself before you are ready. I am saying to take the next inspired step that makes sense to you. I have learned to trust the timing of my inspiration. For example, I thought of writing a blog for years. I made several attempts, but they fizzled out. Then when I was accepted as a contributor for the Huffpost, I got clear. My commitment mobilized inside of me. I was ready and acted with consistency. The time had come and my inspiration was behind my action. I have learned to trust the inner timing of inspiration. I focus my efforts fully on what I am inwardly called to do, and spend less time judging myself for not doing the things I am not yet inspired to do.


I spent over a year judging myself for not leaving my job and becoming a full-time entrepreneur. I thought I lacked courage because I wasn’t making the jump. I believed there was something lacking in me and that I needed to learn the “how to” so I could make the leap. Michael Neill, my coach at the time, suggested to me an alternate point of view. He offered the perspective that perhaps it just wasn’t the right time, and that my hesitation wasn’t a sign of my inadequacy. It was just letting me know “not now”. He suggested I forget about leaving and focus on what was present for me. He recommended I trust that I would know when the time was right.


This was novel to me. I was so used to pushing through my fear due to my impatience to make things happen. But, it turns out that Michael was right. One day, I simply knew 100% that it was time to leave, and there was no hesitation. It was also perfect timing for the company. They were involved in buy-out negotiations and my leaving improved the bottom line making the company more valuable for sale. And, in the mean time, I had been fully committed to my job. I had not been wasting energy perseverating on what I should do.


Michael helped me to recognize the voice of my inner wisdom and to see that I could simply ignore the frenzy of my personal thinking. He did not tell me what to do or how to do it, but his honesty and kindness helped met to see how I could trust myself and trust divine timing in my life.


I recognize now that when I genuinely want to create something, ideas and next actions naturally emerge. Some of them will simply be good ideas without a lot of juice behind them. Others will come with clarity and ride on the feeling of inspiration. I do my best to act on those and trust the feeling even if it doesn’t make sense to my rational mind. This happened with the Mastermind group Barb Patterson and I co-facilitate. When we had our first conversation about starting it, we both felt the inspiration. Based on this, we decided to start it in just a few months even though were working from scratch. It didn’t make sense to start so soon, but it felt right, and it worked out perfectly.


In the latest Mastermind, Barb talked about growing business as part of our self-realization. I saw the simplicity of how my business can’t help but be a reflection of my natural unfolding and awakening to the truth of who I am. My business is not separate from me. It does not fall into a different category with different rules. It is part of my timing and my evolution. I get to show up and express myself and take the next step that is right in front of me.


And, I very much appreciate guidance along the way. I continue to see the value of investing in my own coaching and professional development. Not because I need an expert to tell me what to do, but because I value working with someone who helps me to remember I have everything inside of me, and who can see my innate capacity even when I lose sight of it.


I hope this reminds you that you are enough! You have everything you need inside of you. It doesn’t matter if you know how to do it. Take the next action in the direction of your dreams, not what you think you should be doing. The next step fueled by your inspiration. It doesn’t matter what your rational or insecure thinking tells you you should be doing. Take the next inspired step, and the next step will simply be revealed after that.


As Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” 


Embrace the journey of your inspiration!


Rohini Ross is passionate about helping people wake up to their true nature. She is a psychotherapist, a transformative coach, and author of the forthcoming Soul-Centered Series. She has an international coaching practice helping individuals, couples, and professionals embrace all of who they are so they can experience greater levels of wellbeing, resiliency, and success. She also co-facilitates The Space Mastermind for Solopreneurs with Barb Patterson. You can follow Rohini on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, watch her Vlogs with her husband, Angus Ross, and subscribe to her weekly blog on her website,


  • Mick Kubiak

    31.07.2017 at 11:03 Reply

    I needed this today! Thank you as always for your inspired teaching and writing xo

    • Rohini

      31.07.2017 at 12:15 Reply

      So glad it helped Mick! Great to hear from you! <3

  • Alexandra

    01.08.2017 at 08:48 Reply

    Love this! I am in the middle of creating new things in my business, and your reminder that I have everything I need within me is perfect. As I trust this, the next step unfolds. Thank you!

    • Rohini

      01.08.2017 at 18:36 Reply

      Yes, that is so true Alexandra! Good luck with your next steps in your business! <3

  • Andrea Olsen

    01.08.2017 at 08:54 Reply

    Wonderful share, Rohini, on your experience with inspiration, timing and action. It’s so easy to fall into the deluded view of “if I just use the Principles correctly, I’ll become inspired and able to overcome all my lists of what I ‘should’ be doing.” George and Linda spoke about inspiration in a Q&A awhile back. I loved George’s simple explanation of how it’s like being at a bus stop. We can’t force the bus (the inspired thought) to come along when we demand that it arrives to take us. But we can get ourselves to the bus stop. Quiet mind. Open. Teachable.
    At first when I saw the blurb ” …if the ‘want to’ is big enough…” I thought; uh, oh, that doesn’t sound very 3P based. This cry for more effort, want it more, will power your way to get what you “should” do, done; such a false, disappointing, exhausting path. Not to mention being in direct opposition to understanding the Presence of Mind, and the operating system of the 3P. Thanks for letting me share!

    • Rohini

      01.08.2017 at 18:39 Reply

      Hi Andrea, Thank you so much for sharing! I love what you are seeing! And I fully agree! That is why I chose the title of Inspiration being what takes care of the how to. Very grateful you shared your experience!

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