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A Love Poem for the Holidays and Beyond

A Love Poem for the Holidays and Beyond

Today it is Christmas

But what does it mean?

Not everyone celebrates

We all live in our own dream.


What if the celebration

is really of love?

That is what unifies us,

And it doesn’t come from above.


Love is what is natural.

Love is what is true.

It is love that we share,

And it can be with love that we do.


May your Holiday Season

Be one filled with love.

May you embrace all those close

And feel the warmth of their hugs.


But the foundation is inside.

The love is within.

That is where it all starts.

The end, the beginning, and all in between.


The world has its sorrows

And you have your own.

But the richest resource

is inside — a love beyond the known.


May you have the courage

To look beyond fear.

And to see the magnificence

That is the truth of you and hold that dear.


My heart is so grateful

for you just being you.

That is all this world needs,

and all you need to do!

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