What They Said

Thank you with all my heart for your magnificent way of being and seeing life. You have helped me see so much and transform through your teachings. I am a happier, more whole person because of your care and your dedication to your path. You are truly an inspiration to all. And I love laughing together with you.


– Darrin Kagele, Psychotherapist at Journey Malibu

In working with Rohini, I’ve learned that she is wise, reliable, educated, sweet but firm, great at setting boundaries, authentic, able to work with a wide array of personalities, a team player/collaborative, likeable and always operates from a place of love and compassion for others. Rohini is also a great educator and public speaker. Over the years I’ve needed to refer my clients and/or my friends to a coach for extra support and Rohini has been one of my main referral sources because of the qualities listed above. I think highly of Rohini, and would recommend her services to anyone.


– Aaron Bernard, M.S., Life Coach at A. L. Bernard Coaching

It was with the greatest pleasure that I had Rohini in our mentorship program in the Three Principles. Rohini is compassionate, caring and dedicated in all of her client contact. I found her work with clients to be engaging and helpful; always with a gentle understanding to help clients find their own way of thinking that made their life make sense. She guided her clients to their confidence, independence, personal wisdom, and freedom of mind. I would highly recommend her for any client work from individuals, couples, and families to businesses and organizations. Her understanding of human nature leads her to be a very reliable and excellent coach and trainer.


-Linda Pransky, Partner at Pransky and Associates

Rohini is without a doubt one of the most inspiring individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. It’s difficult for me to put into words the impact she has had on me and my life as a whole, but the impact has been significant. To know and work with Rohini is to begin the journey toward discovering your innate wisdom and health and truly finding yourself.


-Michelle Montejano, MA, LMFT, Clinical Team Leader, Vive Family Support Program

Whenever I get a chance to spend time with Rohini, I always end up feeling freer, clearer, and significantly more at ease in the world. She has a way of gently reminding me how to be open and fluid with life, rather than rigid and anxious. I am always grateful to have her counsel, and I highly recommend working with her.


– Mick Kubiak, LMFT, Creator of BadMommyLA.blogspot.com

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Rohini, whose guidance and support have helped me in innumerable ways. Through her patient, compassionate and caring approach, Rohini helped elevate my awareness of our natural movement to heal and to more gracefully experience life’s inevitable highs and lows. In particular, Rohini provided me with refreshing perspective on the limitations personal thinking. This has helped me see things from a higher plain and encouraged me to experience a deeper understanding that lies beyond the grip of the analytical mind. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to Rohini and I wholeheartedly recommend Rohini to those fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her.


– JPK, Managing Director Corporate Banking

I had the honor to work along side Rohini when she worked as part of the Leadership Team at Vive Family Support Program. These were rough times as it was during the Great Recession. We were fighting to stay alive and to come out the other side. We had to cut costs but at the same time remain true to our mission of helping families and taking care of our staff. Without Rohini’s vision and practical game plan, we would have been out of business. She developed a plan to cut costs and take care of our staff. She inspired our team everyday to stick to the plan. Thanks to Rohini’s efforts, we are a healthy company now that is profitable, and our staff is taken care of and they want to be here. Rohini is a blessing. I am thankful for her everyday. I am sure she will bring these same talents and insights to her consulting work.


– Dave Herz, Founder and CEO of Vive Family Support Program

I met Rohini after I had recently gotten out of a two week stay in the hospital battling a bad flare of my autoimmune disease and felt a little broken. I’d had the disease for almost ten years and had gone through a number of therapists throughout this time for support and coaching. After my last hospital stay I knew I needed a different perspective and was in the market for someone new. The transition to Rohini was effortless. Our relationship has continued to grow in the same effortless way since meeting two years ago and I am so thankful for finding her. I have my ups and downs battling the disease but having support from such a good friend and mentor has made the journey easier. This woman has a gift I swear!


– Stacey Patterson

The generous and loving space that Rohini holds, while gently pointing in the direction of new possibilities, was the much needed foundation for me to explore my deepest limiting beliefs and transform them into my freedom. I am forever grateful for her support and recommend investing time working with her. I feel more alive and inspired because of our time working together. I am forever grateful.


– Rachel Vander Woude, Transformational Coach, thisbravelife.com

There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey, and we are forever changed and forever grateful for having met them and for the growth they have helped us to achieve. Rohini Ross is that person for me in my life. In the year that I have worked with Rohini, I have come to value and appreciate her expertise, insight, wisdom, empathy, compassion and true dedication to uplifting others. I recommend Rohini without reservation. She has been a true blessing in my life, helping me to maintain my balance and embrace my new beginnings as a psychotherapist.


– Rasha Salib, Psychotherapist in Jordan

Whenever I refer someone to Rohini Ross they can’t stop thanking me. She is as good as it gets.


– Steve Chandler, Author of Time Warrior

Rohini has been the most helpful and amazing coach I have ever met. Her calming techniques and advice were very different for me and my husband because the two of us handle stress differently. The tools she has given me I continue to use and will use for the rest of my life! I have shared her wisdom with my family and friends too, and find that knowledge invaluable. I highly recommend Rohini Ross.


– LuAnn Campo

If you are looking for a person to guide you toward your own inner transformational change then I highly recommend Rohini Ross. Rohini is warm, kind, curious, and engaging. She has an uncanny ability to help you move from complexity to simplicity and to guide you to discovering a life free of limitations and full of possibilities.


– Dicken Bettinger, founder of 3 Principles Mentoring, and co-author of Coming Home

Rohini has a exquisite balance of holding a completely accepting, loving space, and piercing through to the core of the issue… a simple misunderstanding and distorted thinking. Her guidance has been invaluable to me, as a practitioner, a partner, a friend and a human being. Rohini brings a powerful presence, wisdom, and a wonderful sense of humor. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


– Cass Carlopio, Yoga Nidra Practitioner, cassandracarlopio.com

Rohini Ross is absolutely wonderful and has guided me from a very dark place to a whole world of healing. I would recommend her to help in the healing process for any person of any age or race. I cannot recommend her more highly and I think that anyone who has contact with her is a very lucky person.


– Mary Welch

Rohini is a masterful coach and trainer. During her time as Director of Training at Vive she shared her gift of developing and inspiring the Vive clinicians so they were more effective in their support of families, and better able to take care of themselves. She is intelligent, compassionate, and wise. I highly recommend her for coaching, training, and speaking.


– Willow Rubin, MA LPC MFT, Executive Director of Clinical Services, Vive Family Support Porgram

Rohini has helped me and my family move gracefully through some very difficult times. There have been countless phone calls where I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, with no idea how I was going to get through a particular situation, and then Rohini would work her magic. Her insight and knowledge helped me to see the big picture, and to realize, we are all doing the best we can, which as simple as that sounds, had a profound impact on my growth as a mom, wife and friend. Rohini has been an incredible support and role model over the years, and I will always be grateful to have her in my life.


– Courtney Souther

Rohini has an incredible capability to get present with her clients in a way that opens them up to a whole new world of their own potential and capabilities. She helps her clients transform the understanding of their minds and as a result they have shifts that impact their personal and professional lives in a real way. She is gifted in helping both individuals and teams raise their overall performance and quality of their lives. I would recommend Rohini to any company, leader or individual that wants to move through their life and work with more ease and impact.


– Barbara Patterson, Conversations that Transform, barbarapatterson.com

I have led groups with Rohini and my experience of working with her has been effortless, delightful and heartwarmingly easy. I would also describe Rohini as soft, warm and clear headed to work with. She is so easy to collaborate with and finding a direction and momentum with our clients felt simple and natural.


– Lila Turner MA, Programs Director at One Thought

Thank you so much for all you did for me. You are truly an amazing person and you helped me understand so much about myself. Because of you, I look at things differently and I feel so much better about myself. I love the AHA! moments I had during our sessions, and I am grateful you were able to reach those parts of my mind and heart that I couldn’t. You will never be forgotten.


– JB, Chief of Police

Rohini is a truly beautiful soul who deeply impacts those she works with. As a facilitator she explains complex truths with ease and simplicity, sensing exactly what the group needs to hear in order to make change. She listens deeply without judgment. This allows participants to express their deepest emotions. When we facilitate together it is always an effortless joy.


– Claire Shutes, Three Principles Practitioner

Rohini was a pleasure to mentor – she is compassionate and kind with a keen ability to see through the noise to the true nature of her clients deeper potential. What you see is what you get – a wise and loving guide to the wealth within!


– Michael Neill, Coach and Author

I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Rohini.  She very simply, showed me that we innately are meant to be physically, emotionally and spiritually in Balance.  All we need to do is just BE.  Her compassion, kindness and intelligence allowed me learn another way of living.  What a gift!!!


– Elissa Weisberger-Cohen, Owner at EWC HR Consulting, LLC

It’s tough to put in words the depth of Rohini’s powerful presence and transformational coaching skills. Her graceful authenticity and embodied wisdom speak volumes to her remarkable abilities as a coach, mentor, and creative partner. She’s helped me understand more clearly and more compassionately what it means to be a human being, and does so with a sense of buoyant rigor and powerful lightheartedness. I find myself laughing much more wholeheartedly, practicing kindness much more authentically, and taking steps toward my personal and professional goals with much more creativity and ease. I look forward to continuing to learn from this remarkable human being.


– Noushin Byatt Ph.D., Coach and Consultant