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It is wonderful to connect with you, and to have the opportunity to share a simple, but profound, understanding that has changed my life and the lives of my clients. Please join me on a journey of connecting more deeply with your true Self, and experiencing the wisdom that resides within you. Peace, clarity, and wellbeing are your natural state. I am excited to present the six-month Soul-Centered Series starting in October 2018. This series features world-class teachers sharing an understanding that is life-changing. Click here to learn more.

My intention is to support you with experiencing more deeply the infinite potential that is your true nature. When this happens, the quality of your life improves both personally and professionally. You transform, your world transforms, and those you touch transform, as well.

Please sign up for by my blog, enjoy the videos and audios, check out upcoming events, and explore my services. You can read about others experiences of working with me here.

I would love to hear from you! Please say hello. Let me know about your challenges and insights on your journey of waking up to your true nature and enjoying more peace of mind, relaxation, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and success in your life.


Working with me is an educational process in keeping with the Latin root word ēducāre meaning “to draw out what is already there.” It is a remembering process, in the spirit of Eduardo Galeano’s interpretation of recordar: to pass back through the heart. My work focuses on drawing out the innate wisdom within you, so you can connect more deeply with your unique gifts and share them with the world. You will see how you have the infinite capacity to create and re-create your experience.

As you connect more fully with your true nature, insights occur naturally. You will see possibilities that were invisible to you before, and achieving goals becomes as simple as listening to your common sense.


Programs are available for individuals, couples, and business leaders. Each program begins with a three-day foundational retreat that sets the context and lays the groundwork for the coaching program.

Coach/Therapist Development

Programs begin with a three-day foundational retreat. The focus is on increasing impact with clients and business development through coaching, supervision, and co-facilitation of clients.


Unique trainings, seminars, and coaching for businesses and organizations designed to meet objectives through experiential learning that leads to improved communication, clarity, team performance, and work satisfaction.


Customized talks for businesses, associations, groups, and conferences that provide maximum impact by combining practical spirituality with engaging stories that uplift, inspire and motivate.


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